Henry Hamud - President PMI-CTT


Dear Chapter Members and Community Stakeholders,On behalf of the PMI-CTT Board team, I wish you and your family a prosperous and healthy 2023. The year 2022 has been special to us as a come-back year! After two challenging virtual years, our members were finally able to meet each other and connect through in-person events once again.Our chapter continued to innovate and find better ways to serve our community.  Let’s review some highlights of what our team has achieved:
  • Vision, Mission, and Values – With the collective efforts of the board, leadership team, and our entire membership, the new statements were published in May 2022. The vision, mission and values provide clarity and purpose as we define and execute our You can find the vision, mission, and values on our website.
  • 20th Anniversary Celebration Event – Over 80 members and special guests attended our highly anticipated milestone celebratory event at The Walper Hotel in Kitchener.
  • PD outing events – Two PD outing events were held last year. This new format of casual networking and learning has brought together many of our members, and we are going to increase these events this year.
  • In-person New Member Orientation Events – We conducted two in-person member orientation sessions so that all new members received the opportunity to get to better know our local PM community.
  • PMI Global Summit – Several of our board members were able to travel to Vegas and participated in the first-ever PMI Global Summit, which drew thousands of project management leaders together to learn and exchange ideas with their peers.
Our outlook for 2023 is exciting. We are currently planning many programs and initiatives to boost networking and look forward to your increased involvement.
  • Membership Townhall – To help us fully adjust to the new reality, we’d like to invite all members to a town hall event and collect ideas for post-COVID needs and operational strategies. Please stay tuned for this upcoming networking opportunity.
  • Academic Outreach – The establishment of the Academic Outreach team last year enabled us to connect with the younger generations more closely. We are more actively developing relationships with academic institutions and promoting project management impacts to our youth community.
  • More frequent events – Both our Standard Events and Special Events teams are planning more frequent events to suit the needs of our members. They will include both online and in-person events.
  • Member Guest Pass – We continue to give out free chapter guest passes to PMI members who have never been members of our chapter before. Please take advantage of this to experience one of our events and connect with your peers. Reach out to our membership team at membership@pmi-ctt.org for more information.
  • Study Group & Mentorship Program – Please get in touch with our professional development team through certification@pmi-ctt.org, if you have any needs, as they are launching a new format for study groups and mentorship programs.
  • By-law Update – After the update of the chapter election procedures, we used the momentum it created to start refreshing our by-law to ensure it is current, accurately reflects our objectives, and continues to be in alignment with the Ontario Non-Profit Organization Law as well as the PMI requirement. The new by-law will continue to provide the guiding principles for the chapter board and volunteers and improve the chapter’s sustainability.
Finally, thanks to our entire volunteer team. Nothing would happen without your generous contributions to our chapter! If you would like to get involved, please contact volunteer@pmi-ctt.org.


Looking forward to an amazing 2023!

Warm regards,

Henry Hamud