Hardship Provision

In these current economic times, PMI recognizes that some members will find themselves in financial circumstances where the member would have difficulty renewing their membership . To that end, PMI would like to remind members about its hardship provision that is available to qualifying members in good standing.

A member must be in good standing and have paid their dues for at least three previous years to qualify for the hardship provision. Under this provision, a member is granted a waiver for one year of PMI membership dues and one year of chapter dues if the applicant was a member the previous year.
The Hardship Provision may be granted for a maximum of two years for each member.

To apply for consideration, please send an email to membership.services@pmi.org explaining the nature of the hardship, along with your PMI renewal invoice (if posssible).

If you have any questions, please contact the Chapter Membership team.