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PMI-CTT Members and Volunteers Hiking and Networking

PMI-CTT Members and Volunteers Hiking and Networking

PMI-CTT Members and Volunteers Hiking and Networking

We are exploring a new way to connect with each other! The PMI-CTT Running Club is pleased to organize this first ever member and volunteer networking hiking event. This event is facilitated by one of our volunteers David Martin. David is a veteran hiker.


Date and Time: Sunday September 26, 1-4pm.


Hike details: Hike starts and ends at Bechtel Park on Bridge Street just west of University Avenue in Waterloo. At almost 7 Km, this trail is more like a loop, rather than an out-and-back where you retrace your steps, and is conveniently located, right off the expressway. A swift hiker would do it in an hour and a half, but most hikers would take two to two and a half hours and a large group would take three hours. There is lots of parking at Bechtel Park where it starts. Some of it is your standard trail within a city which is wide and has a wood-chip or gravel surface, while other sections are a dirt trail through high-growing vegetation. The trail features natural (undeveloped) sections of Laurel Creek as well as developed sections by the Grand River. Dogs are permitted if on leash and if picked up after. About half of the trail is shaded. Hikers will need bug repellent, sunscreen, a liter of water, stiff shoes or hiking boots, socks, long pants and a small backpack for clothing which might get shed en-route. For those that want to run 'alltrails' on their smartphone, a map of the hike will be made available for download.


We welcome you bringing family members. As an add-on to a hike, if some hikers had dogs with them, hikers could arrive early to let the dog burn off initial energy before hiking with the group.  


Note that parts of this trail have been known to have 'hogweed' so hikers will have to stay strictly on the trail in certain sections. This year is not great for ticks, so dogs need to have had tick preventive and the legs of humans need to be inspected after the hikes.


We will make an alternative arrangement 2-3 days in advance and update participants if the weather doesn’t cooperate. 


Due to the COVID outdoor gathering restriction, please specify how many people, including yourself, you are brining in during your registration. PMI-CTT Chapter will provide Rapid COVID Screen Kits at no charge. It’s a very easy test, if you want to get tested, please arrive at the parking lot 15 minutes in advance.

Event Properties

Event Start Date 09-26-2021
Event End Date 09-26-2021
Registration Start Date 09-12-2021
Cut off date 09-22-2021
Individual Price Free for PMI members and volunteers as well as their families
No. of Strategic PDUs 1
Location Bechtel Park on Bridge St


David Martin

David Martin has been a member with our chapter for about 20 years and he is a veteran hiker. To learn more of his hiking adventures, please watch some of his hiking vlogs which are very educational and interesting. The vlog of the beaver pond. It's an hour long so if you just want to see the pond, it is at 14:17 until about 20:00 when we take off on a day hike further up the trail. We did get Beavers on video. This one is a long, one day hike near Eliot Lake in March: