PMI Canada's Technology Triangle Chapter

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Contact Us

Mailing Address:

PMI CTT Headquarters
Box 24041, RPO Highland West
Kitchener, Ontario
N2M 5P1 


Inquiry Support:
We welcome and value your feedback and we are happy to answer any questions that you may have. Below are email addresses to our most requested departments. You may also want to check Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs from the Main Menu), which provides information on specific topics.

To direct your questions or comments to the appropriate department within our Chapter, please select your area of inquiry from the list below. Your inquiry will be acknowledged within 2 business days from its receipt.
Communications - to provide information for broadcasting to members
Community Affairs - to inquire about information-sharing and collaboration opportunities with external organizations
Elections - to request or send information regarding a Chapter election
Events - to inquire about Chapter events, fees, receipts and/or associated PDUs
Finance - to inquire about Chapter finances
Job Posting - to request that a job opening be posted
Membership - to inquire about chapter membership issues and/or processes
Mentoring - to inquire about Chapter-supported mentoring opportunities either as a mentee or mentor
President - to reach the Chapter President
Professional Development - to inquire about professional development opportunities
Publicity - to reach the contact responsible for marketing strategy and publicity opportunities
Secretary - to reach the Chapter Secretary
Social Media - to place inquiries or report issues regarding our Chapter's social media channels
Sponsorship - to inquire about sponsorship opportunities/issues
Study Group - to inquire about PMI certification programs
Symposium - to reach the Symposium Project Manager
Volunteer - to inquire about volunteer opportunities within the Chapter
Web Administration - to inquire about the Chapter's website

If you are not sure what email address applies, please send your inquiry to General Inquiries